Paambu: Narrative Synopsis

"Paambu" is a 30 min malayalam short film about four young filmmakers and one journey. Documenting the whole trip with their retro Cosina Super 8, the team is trying to find the perfect location for their movie. The very diverse group, inclusive of an arrogant & phoney director, a mature cameraman, a vulnerable writer and a wannabe star, starts to fall apart when things go beyond their control. Through two parallel narratives converging, "Paambu" shows you an unfortunate chain of events which changes the lives for four men. Based on master writer/director P.Padmarajan's short story with the same name, "Paambu" is written and directed by Mahesh Ravi. "Paambu" uses a relatively rare genre, "Found Footage" for the majority of the film. The principal photography is done using Canon 5D Mark II and a Cosina 204XL Super 8 Proto rig. 

"Paambu" has an ensemble array of debutants as its actors. Justin Joseph, Anand Justin, Rahul Unnikrishnan and Fainaz Aboobacker play the leads. Renganath Ravee does the Sound Design. 
Naveen and Kamal handles the cinematography  "Paambu" features an original soundtrack from the composer duo, Rajiv Renga. 

"Paambu" will have a limited theatrical screening on October 2012.


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